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This is Diffuzion Records

January 2013 The Netherlands - the birth date and location of a new independent hardstyle record label founded by Dutch Master. Diffuzion Records will pay homage to the best of times in music history while keeping its focus wired tightly to the future. Diffuzion Records is the presenter of new talents who share a dedicated love for digital music. The result is a showcase of fresh and catchy electronic melodies.

New talents
As Diffuzion Records we know our next generation of producers is the future. Therefore we have a strong focus on new talents. With a 2 decade experience of producing and DJing, our mission is to guide these guys into not just the hardstyle scene, but a hard scene as well. DR represents their artists, help them on their way and encourage them to become successful in the music industry. We believe in a 2-way cooperation and true dedication to bring the highest quality. Staying original, but most of all stay true to our music and ourselves. Our goal; getting their music heard!

Catchy melodies
The satisfaction of spreading musical knowledge and seeing this effort booked success was the first step towards Dutch Master's dream. Together with new talents the goal is to launch more high quality music into the hardstyle scene. 'I always had a preference for catchy melodies in electronic music, I hope Diffuzion Records will become a leading label of this kind of music worldwide', says Dutch Master.

After 35 releases and an album(Break The Silence) Diffuzion Records stopped releasing music in 2015. We want to thank all artists and fans for their support! We are proud we have released music from young talented artists and gave them a chance to develop their skills and release music!

Diffuzion Records - Break The Silence

Break The Silence

Break The Silence CD